Season 30 stats

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Season 30 stats

Classes lvl 115+


Sigma Season history (lvl 115+)


Classes distribution development


Secret/rare item

4x Tyrael's Might
8x The Point of No Return
12x The Awakening
13x Azurewrath
18x Storm Blade
25x Desolation
25x Natalya's Deception
33x Despondence
34x Maleficence
37x Atomus
38x Celestial Sigil
46x Eye of the Storm
47x The Worshipper
53x Signet of the Gladiator
57x Black Hand Sigil
70x Jewel of Luck
70x The Grandfather
72x Valthek's Command
74x Arkenstone
78x Undead Crown
81x Golden Cycle
88x Buriza-Do Kyanon
89x Unveiling Eye
94x Shadowfang
114x Spirit Walker
140x Black Masquerade
145x Inarius' Rock
152x The Collector
160x Endless Pride
189x Suicide Note
203x Wishmaster
250x Dark Pact
303x Emblem of Destruction
310x Emblem of Suffering
317x Emblem of Terror
323x Emblem of Hatred
341x Emblem of Pain
350x Emblem of Lies
380x Khazra Plate
829x Valkyrie's Prime
6023x Relic (199 types)
15608x Belladonna Extract

Great, Enchanted and Elemental Runes

37x Xod Rune
96x Loz Rune
120x Bur Rune
149x Iah Rune
165x Vez Rune
177x Yham Rune
222x Ohn Rune
232x Zur Rune
254x Gur Rune
552x Yst Rune
632x Phul Rune
825x Un Rune
925x Lew Rune
982x Mhal Rune
1214x Arcane Rune
1280x Qor Rune
1334x Ice Rune
1359x Light Rune
1519x Fire Rune
1599x Poison Rune
2170x Stone Rune
2805x Ghal Rune
3414x Taha Rune

Hard(ish) charms & trophies

259x Dimensional Key
288x Dulra Aegis
370x Vial of Elder Blood
535x The Glorious Book of Median
1019x Books of Kalan
1264x Neutrality Pact
1675x The Ancient Repositories
1842x The Sleep
2429x Astrogha's Venom Stinger
3544x Xazax's Illusion
4057x Corrupted Wormhole
4302x Crystalline Flame Medallion
5033x Soul of Kabraxis

1x Archbishop Lazarus Trophy
1x Nephalem's Sacrifice Trophy
2x Astrogha Trophy
3x Eve of Destruction Trophy
3x Lord of Lies Trophy
8x The Veiled Prophet Trophy
12x Viz-jun Trophy
14x Xazax Trophy
18x The Triune Trophy
30x Duncraig Trophy
41x Quov Tsin Trophy
54x Banisher of Light Trophy
65x Heart of Sin Trophy
65x Tran Athulua Trophy
74x Judgement Day Trophy
91x Ghosts of Old Bremmtown Trophy
132x Legacy of Blood Trophy

7x Archbishop Lazarus Fragment
17x The Void Fragment
41x Nephalem's Sacrifice Fragment
42x Yshari Sanctum Fragment
98x Astrogha Fragment
107x Kingdom of Shadow Fragment
142x Lord of Lies Fragment
173x The Triune Fragment
181x Judgement Day Fragment
198x Xazax Fragment
205x Eve of Destruction Fragment
263x Viz-jun Fragment
296x Legacy of Blood Fragment
317x Banisher of Light Fragment
317x The Veiled Prophet Fragment
335x Heart of Sin Fragment
399x Quov Tsin Fragment
434x Ghosts of Old Bremmtown Fragment
495x Duncraig Fragment
1111x Tran Athulua Fragment

45x The Ancient Repositories [Trophy'd]
58x Neutrality Pact [Trophy'd]
87x Books of Kalan [Trophy'd]
88x Eternal Bone Pile [Trophy'd]
110x The Glorious Book of Median [Trophy'd]
123x Corrupted Wormhole [Trophy'd]
170x Astrogha's Venom Stinger [Trophy'd]
256x Soul of Kabraxis [Trophy'd]
288x Azmodan's Heart [Trophy'd]
416x Cold Fusion Schematics [Trophy'd]
435x Demonsbane [Trophy'd]
449x Legacy of Blood [Trophy'd]
463x The Sleep [Trophy'd]
496x Silver Seal of Ureh [Trophy'd]
557x Crystalline Flame Medallion [Trophy'd]
994x Sunstone of the Gods [Trophy'd]


31x Abyss
36x Abyss Knight
25x Ancients' Hand
19x Angel of Death
28x Antimass
26x APF-20 'Maelstrom' MkI
36x Apocalypse
31x Arachnomancy
29x Arcane Swarm
29x Arcane Torrent
36x Arrow Swarm
16x ATMG Sentry
34x Avalanche
26x Balefire
28x Bane
29x Banish
32x Barrage
41x Black Lotus Strike
33x Bladestorm
24x Blink
18x Blood Fury
29x Blood Skeleton
36x Bloodstar
32x Bloodstorm
43x Brimstone
31x Broadside
29x Buckshot
15x Carnage
42x Champions of the Sun
32x Charged Strike
26x Cherubim
29x Churel
45x Colosseum
27x Cone of Cold
36x Crucify
29x Dark Power
30x Death Ripple
34x Death Shards
27x Defender Spirit
28x Demonic Speed
26x Devouring Cloud
39x Disco Inferno
25x Diseased Cattle
36x Disintegrate
29x Divine Judgment
29x Dream Eater
30x Earthquake
22x Ecstatic Frenzy
40x Elemental Totem
25x Ember Spirit
30x Emerald Prison
32x Eviscerate
24x Exorcism
34x Feral Strike
29x Firedance
31x Fire Elementals
37x Fireheart Totem
40x Flamefront
33x Flamestrike
30x Flametail Shot
23x Flash
32x Forked Lightning
37x Fortress
27x Fragmentation Shot
36x Frigid Nova
37x Frostclaw Totem
34x Frozen Orb
29x Funeral Pyre
32x Fusillade
23x Gamma Field
33x Glacial Nova
25x Golden Calf
27x Gorefest
22x Great Hunt
29x Guardian Spirit
21x Guard Tower
35x Hailstorm
27x Hammer of Zerae
35x Harvest
24x Harvesters
39x Hawk Talons
27x Hive
28x Hunting Banshee
47x Hurricane
17x Hyena Strike
27x Ice Bolt Nova
36x Iceburst
33x Ice Elementals
28x Immersion
29x Impale
36x Infected Roots
26x Iron Golem
28x Jitan's Gate
28x Lava Pit
22x Liche Form
31x Lightning Arena
38x Lightning Fury
37x Lightning Shield
30x Lightning Wall
23x Limpet Laser
35x Lorenado
19x Magic Missiles
42x Magnetic Field
29x Mana Sweep
29x Mana Tide Totem
38x Mark of the Wild
29x Miasma
37x Mind Flay
36x Moonstrike
39x Mythal
39x Night Hawks
40x Nightmare
34x Nova Charge
34x Orb of Annihilation
24x Overkill
40x Overlord
34x Pagan Rites
37x Parasite
33x Path of Flames
36x Patriot Sentry
42x Pentagram
40x Pestilence
29x Phalanx
30x Phoenix Wave
15x Pounce
30x Powder Keg
28x Protector Spirit
44x Psicrown
28x Psionic Storm
43x Pyroblast
29x Queen of Blades
43x Rain of Fire
6x Raven Familiar
36x Raven Heart
17x Rebound
34x Resurrect
32x Retaliate
33x Ring of Light
15x Rising Dawn
26x Sacrifices
33x Scorpion Blade
30x Screaming Eagle
30x Searing Glow
24x Searing Orb
26x Servants of Valor
24x Shadow Refuge
33x Shatter the Flesh
33x Shower of Rocks
32x Shunpo
28x Shuriken Flurry
30x Singularity
45x Skeletal Flayer
31x Slayer
35x Solar Flare
17x Soulshatter
23x Spark of Hope
21x Spiral Dance
40x Spirit Walk
29x Split Arrow
30x Stampede
31x Stormblast
29x Stormcall
25x Stormclash
24x Storm Crows
21x Stormeye Totem
12x Summon Frostwalker
13x Summon Glowing Fungus
12x Summon Sinner
32x Supernova
18x Takedown
43x Tantrum
35x Teleport
34x Tempest
25x Thunder Arena
34x Thundercrack
30x Thunder Slam
35x Thunderstone
29x Timefield
27x Time Wave
12x Titan's Fortitude
25x Trinity Arrow
26x Trinity Beam
35x Trinity Nova
33x Venomcloud Totem
36x Vessel of Judgement
32x Vessel of Retribution
35x Virulence
28x Void Archon
30x War Cry
29x Ward of Fate
33x Whirlpool
39x Whirlwind
26x Widowmaker
31x Winter Avatar
23x Wolf Companion
29x Wychwind
40x Wyrd
32x Wyrmshot

Top 50 Runewords

42x Crescent Moon
43x Patriot
47x Nasrudin
50x Black Cat
52x Comaetho
53x Kabbalah
55x Ensi
56x Cheetah
58x Arcane Protection
60x Helgrotha
62x Bogspitter
63x Oriflamme
65x Craton
65x Prophecy
66x Shockwave
70x Memory
76x Brawl
82x Crucible
87x Cube
88x Dyaus Pita
91x Mithridatism
92x Avatar
92x Koan
93x Siegfried
101x Amanita
111x Victory
133x Ra
135x Dragonheart
138x Megalith
148x Lysra
152x Gehenna
159x Prodigy
167x Nephilim
170x Ker
177x Banshee
204x Shedim
216x Outlaw
256x Erawan
278x Raptor
297x Elverfolk
317x Truce
321x Stone
429x Lumen Arcana
547x Honor
802x Kali
1067x Epicenter
1431x Shark
2301x Rainbow
2350x Enlightenment
3909x Pax Mystica

Top 50 Enhanced Runewords

9x Hornet
9x Titan's Blockade
10x Curandera
11x Artemesia's Authority
11x Dark Maiden's Talons
11x Geas
11x Glacier
11x Scorched Earth
13x Splintered Soul
15x A Perfect Storm
16x Instinct
16x Twisted Mind
17x Typhoon
19x Thelema
20x Judge
21x Dream
21x Heart of Skovos
22x Nezha
25x Tranquility
26x Blazing Armament
26x Shadow Bite
28x Hierodule
30x Hand of Frost
36x Fuse
39x Starlight
41x Gloom
44x Obedience
52x Vision
54x Savage
57x Minefield
58x Snowsquall
60x Treachery
63x Mercy
71x Gharaniq
76x Overseer's Slippers
81x Svalinn
83x Iblis
100x Skylord
101x Duress
107x Demhe
112x Ice Breaker
129x Hellfire Plate
137x Rebel
146x Aiwass
174x Circe
207x Zohar
251x Indigo
262x Lifecrusher
309x Dawn
435x Wind Runner

(All item/charm stats are based on items/charms currently in the inv/stash or equipped) - TSW realm stats (& Quests, NotArmory, HC chars)
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Tyrael's Might
Tyrael's Might
Ancient Armor (Sacred)

Defense: 11859 to 14685
Required Level: 130
Item Level: 130
Ethereal (Cannot be Repaired)
50% Movement Speed
+300% Damage to Demons
+300% Damage to Undead
+200% Enhanced Defense
Maximum Elemental Resists +15%
Physical Resist 50%
Cannot Be Frozen
Requirements -100%
Celeri Caelesti Iustitia
Socketed (6)
, 6x
Relic (Raven Familiar)
Required Level: 75
-5% Movement Speed
+(3 to 6) to Raven Familiar
+5 to all Attributes
. Don't you think this relic is too rare?
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12 awakening is way too low.
Ridiculously low.
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berry117 wrote:12 awakening is way too low.
Ridiculously low.

Yeah but now you can find it from Athana khan in Labs check it .
Stone Warrior
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berry117 wrote:12 awakening is way too low.
Ridiculously low.

so after all it is written that this is what is now in backpacks, used for charms ones are not displayed
(All item/charm stats are based on items/charms currently in the inv/stash or equipped)

(sorry for google english)
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dant121 wrote:
berry117 wrote:12 awakening is way too low.
Ridiculously low.

so after all it is written that this is what is now in backpacks, used for charms ones are not displayed
(All item/charm stats are based on items/charms currently in the inv/stash or equipped)

(sorry for google english)

ah yes, my bad.... I forgot this.
Thank you for reminding me.
Rust Claw
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Wonder when Druids and Assassins' will get some much needed love.
6 | 0
Can I get summon Druids one day?
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how many blood fury relics ??
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I assume this data doesn't count in treasure box opening. Because I alone, found like 15 golden cycles through them..